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May 30, 2021 3 min read

Whole-body vibration platform, massage gun, and therapy ball have been making waves, and all of these are governed by the principle of vibration therapy. Not only that it helps you relax tensed muscles, but percussive vibration therapy has also been utilized at various therapeutic goals and performance enhancement protocols. It has been proven effective at treating various musculoskeletal conditions and enhancing athletic performance. Here, we’ll talk about some of the clinical use of vibration therapy by science, backing up its efficacy.

On Muscle Training

Contrasting pieces of evidence exist regarding the use of whole-body vibration and its effect on performance, and this mainly depends on the intensity and duration of exposure. Some authors demonstrated beneficial effects on strength and performance after a single session of whole-body vibration, while others report detrimental results. Likewise, some supported that continued use provides positive outcomes, specifically with localized vibration therapy using a massage gun, but offered negative to no effects at all with long-term exposure to whole-body vibration.

On Muscle Flexibility and Power, and DOMS

Whole‑body vibration therapy, as well as localized vibration therapy, generally provides beneficial effects on flexibility and power, as well as on the management of muscle soreness. These effects are due to the increased circulation during the application, enhancing the blood supply, oxygenation, and nutrients. These effects soften those stubborn adhesions, which makes your muscles easily stretchable, while the increased blood supply initiates the healing process of your sore muscles.

On the Elderly and Physical Activity

Whole-body vibration seems to delay the physical effects of aging, and patients who have used vibration therapy have experienced increased strength and balance as its effects are comparable to engaging in light physical activity, stimulating the muscles. Older adults reported decreased risk for fall incidents after whole-body vibration treatment. Further, whole-body vibration has been shown to enhance physical training of elderly undergoing osteoarthritis rehabilitation, although others reported no difference in terms of outcome.

On Children with Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Children who were suffering from osteogenesis imperfecta have experienced positive effects following an application of high-intensity vibration while performing tilt-table exercises, increasing strength and weight‑bearing abilities in the long term.


  • Whole-body vibration has been proposed to reduce bone density loss in astronauts. This effect has been attributed to enhanced bone circulation with an increased supply of nutrients for bone building.
  • An increase in bone mineral density, both in the amount of spongy and compact bone tissues, has been reported following whole-body vibration therapy, given at low intensity for a 10-minute duration twice per day, as compared to not doing anything at all.
  • Likewise, bouts of high-frequency vibration at 30Hz for 10 min 3 to 5 times a week showed an increase in lumbar and femoral neck bone mineral density, while control subjects who received no treatment or exercises demonstrated the opposite effect.
  • Combining vibration therapy with conventional treatments and exercises indicated varying results. Nevertheless, beneficial effects showed enhanced exercise protocol, better neuromuscular control with an associated reduction in fall incidents in adults, and increased bone mineral density, especially in those with osteoporosis. These positive effects were also seen in children with disabilities, demonstrating that vibration therapy is a promising treatment method for enhancing bone metabolism.

The Takeaway:

Studies proved that better outcomes are more evident than detrimental ones, and people would only desire the best, effective, and beneficial options. Our bodies can sense threats and danger and will tell us when something is not right. However, adverse effects can be possibly and effectively prevented when guided by professionals and when treatments are provided by trusted brands, like Recovapro, an innovation backed by science, time, and experience!!!