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Compression boots, once seen as a high-end medical device, are now widely used; some athletes consider them a necessity. Nowadays, physical therapy clinics, studios, and gyms have air-filled boots like Recovapro Air. You can also buy your own pair. However, are they actually worth the time and money spent?


First, a little science lesson on how they function: As your body creates and expends energy, metabolic waste is continuously produced, and this waste circulates in your blood. It is more difficult for the heart to move these wastes from the legs to the lymph system because your legs are below your heart.

Compression works on a relatively straightforward principle:

It helps your system increase blood flow to certain areas, which helps circulate that waste to get rid of it faster.

Compression therapy is generally seen as beneficial for enhancing blood circulation, lowering pain and inflammation, and eliminating extra fluid and toxins from the body. These all aid in athlete rehabilitation. The exact nature of these toxins is unknown. Still, the method is said to function by providing graded pressure to the lower limbs, increasing circulation and promoting free lymphatic drainage in our bodies. 


When you do a hard ride, your muscles experience micro-tears. You may not even notice it, but oedema, or swelling, occurs when your body starts to repair those microtears. That swelling will go away naturally if you’re recovering appropriately. Still, compression can help shorten the amount of rest you need by preventing swelling from pooling in a particular area when you have to go straight from a ride into life.

When that metabolic waste from a workout is sitting there in your cells, taking up space, that’s space that your blood could use to bring new nutrients to the muscle. The more nutrients your muscles get, the faster they can repair and rebuild.

WHAT SCIENCE SAY: In one study of athletes performing 60-second all-out cycling sprints under heavy resistance, researchers found that pneumatic compression therapy worked as well as an active recovery spin for reducing blood lactate levels. This is why some riders use them when they’re short on time—since you can multitask in the boots.

So, given these circumstances, is buying a compression boot worth your investment?

If you’re a serious rider who wants to go the extra mile, then the IPC could be one of your best shots at recovering better.

The Recovapro Air cost around £699.99. Well, if you value maximising recovery, perhaps over the winter after hard indoor sessions, these could be a helpful tool.

Recovapro Air is a compression device developed by Recovapro, mainly for athletes’ recovery.

RibbleWeldtite Pro Cycling has partnered with Recovapro to give its riders the best recovery experience. Given the long hour's riders spend in training, competition, and travel, having access to Recovaprorecovery tools, such as the Recovapro Airand Recovapro massage guns, will help them heal more quickly by focusing on particular sore spots so they can keep performing at their best.



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