Unlock Your Full Potential with Recovapro Lite


November 15, 2022 2 min read

When you think about walking more than 18 holes, you can imagine the endeavour as it was when you were younger. But now that you're an older linksman, a long, hot, hilly walk around the course is more challenging than it once was. Your legs usually feel otherwise, and if you walk more than 36, you're out of sorts for days.

At first, it doesn't feel that bad, but when things get a little more complicated than they should be, the next day, there's soreness that didn't use to exist. Stretching and recovery routines may be more important than ever — particularly if you're playing back-to-back days or rounds in a row. The Recovapro's newly released intermittent pneumatic compression system is an excellent add-on to that routine.


With their new Recovapro Air leg compression boots, Recovapro, a wellness and recovery company made famous by their Recovapro Massage Guns, hopes to change this. But even if you don't walk, this might be crucial to boosting your game.

Your golf swing will be affected if your legs are sore, whether from a strenuous workout, a climb, or simply the stiffness that comes with becoming older. A variety of pressures are applied across the legs by the Recovapro Air, thereby providing you with a deep tissue massage to lessen that pain. This procedure improves circulation, lymphatic drainage, muscular stiffness, and delayed onset muscle soreness. After walking 90 holes, you would have delighted to have these.

Your muscles are compressed by the enormous zip-on boots employing unique pulsating patterns that improve circulation, minimize oedema, and ultimately support a speedy recovery. Essentially, they'll make you feel young and carefree again, which is priceless.


Think back to the last time you got onto the first tee and didn't feel your best. These may appear only for professional athletes or gym hardbodies at first. However, professional golfers, elite athletes, and amateurs worldwide can utilize the Recovapro Air to gain a competitive edge, train harder, and compete smarter.
Recovapro Air, which provides attachments for the arms, legs, and hips, is becoming increasingly well-liked among athletes in various sports for its performance and recovery advantages. It can also be a "go-to" recovery tool for golfers!