Unlock Your Full Potential with Recovapro Lite


August 20, 2021 2 min read

The beneficial effects of localized vibration therapy have already been described in many studies. While most are associated with therapeutic effects, such as aiding in the healing and prevention of injuries, relaxation, and pampering, the same mechanisms follow for muscle building, from repair of muscle damage to muscle growth.

Discover the ways Recovapro can help with your training and through the process of recovery and muscle building.


Recovapro is training in itself. Add Recovapro to your workout regimen as a way to stimulate your muscles and prepare them for intense exercise.

  • Use it during warmup to reduce tension and improve flexibility prior to training by enhancing circulation and raising your muscles’ temperature.
  • It can activate your muscles locally, so it can perform to its full potential.


    Recovapro can be incorporated in an active recovery strategy to speed up recovery post-exercise. It can help to relieve pain and soothe your tired muscles.

    • Have a session on your cool down to prevent or reduce post-workout muscle soreness. It can help with pain relief through enhanced circulation and by disrupting the pain signals sent to the brain.
    • It speeds up the clearance of lactic acid and other metabolic wastes by improving lymphatic drainage, aiding in faster recovery.


    Recovapro can stimulate certain bodily processes to trigger muscle growth and, subsequently, improved performance.

    • The improved blood flow delivers a supply of oxygen and nutrients needed for the repair of exercise-induced muscle damage, regeneration, and formation of new muscle tissues.
    • It can promote satellite cell activation, as well as myoblast fusion where primary myoblasts fuse with each other and with existing myofibers, which subsequently results in muscle growth.

      Recovapro is professionally designed for muscle training and muscle building!

      While it isn’t a replacement for your regular fitness routine. Recovapro can totally take the usual training and recovery to the next level, so you’ll experience the difference with your performance as well as with your usual post-exercise recovery. It can greatly reduce recovery time, so you’ll see training results in no time!