Unlock Your Full Potential with Recovapro Lite


July 20, 2021 3 min read

Implementing appropriate treatments specific to injury based on its severity and stage of recovery ensures speedy and proper healing of injured tissues. Recovapro can assist with every stage of your recovery by providing a safe and appropriate stimulus to trigger the healing and repair process so you’ll get back in your game in no time!  



During The Acute Stage, Recovapro…

  • Relaxes adjacent soft tissue structures to reduce pain
  • Activates surrounding musculature to prevent disuse weakness and muscle wasting
  • Drives adequate blood flow to the injured area, while allowing inflammation to serve its purpose of protection

Muscles and other soft tissues surrounding the injured area may become stiff to protect the injury, and this causes additional pain. While direct application of vibration may not be appropriate at this time as the injured area may be too sensitive to receive stimulation, targeting the adjacent structures with Recovapro may help with the pain by loosening the muscles, thus, reducing the built tension. Additionally, Recovapro can provide the necessary activation to the muscles to maintain their integrity, including its mass and strength, preventing disuse weakness and muscle wasting or atrophy. Recovapro can deliver mechanical stimulation just enough to allow the inflammation to take its role of protecting the area. It can direct adequate blood supply to the injured spot while it stays undisturbed during the acute phase. The enhanced blood and lymphatic flow assist in the gradual resolution of inflammation.

During The Sub-Acute Stage, Recovapro…

  • Stimulates the proper alignment of the newly formed collagen fibers to decrease adhesion and restrictions
  • Helps with the residual pain and inflammation

Following the resolution of swelling and other signs of inflammation, the repair process starts. New collagen fibers are developing but in random and disorganized patterns, forming what we call scar tissues. These adhesions, when left unmodified, can cause pain, increase restriction, and reduce the range of movement. Recovapro breaks down and realigns collagen fibers to help reduce restriction and increase range of motion, as well as decrease pain. The enhanced circulation increases the tissue temperature through increased blood flow, reducing their tightness while also providing a sufficient amount of oxygen and nutrients needed for repair.

During The Chronic And Recovery Stage, Recovapro…

  • Provides the necessary boost to allow you to perform at your best during training and conditioning by increasing your flexibility and activating your muscles.
  • It’s an active recovery device that reenergizes your body every post-training session so you’ll recover faster and always be prepared for the upcoming ones.

Recovapro is a total recovery tool as it can be training in itself! To fully recover from injury, one must need to regain the strength and flexibility of the involved soft tissue structures, and this is accomplished through training and conditioning. Every exercise needs to be preceded by warming up. Recovapro’s therapeutic effects prep up your muscles to boost your training by increasing your flexibility with more relaxed muscles. It can provide pre-stimulation to these muscles, so they can work to their optimum and assist you through the rehab process. A Recovapro session after a workout reduces muscle fatigue as well as the risk or symptoms of delayed onset muscle soreness, which leaves you feeling reenergized – all of which help you recover better and faster!!!

Discover the amazing benefits of Recovapro, so you’ll experience recovery from an injury like no other. Because with Recovapro, you’ll recover like a PRO!