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May 06, 2021 1 min read

Dynamic Cupping combines massage movements and suction to achieve pain relief. It’s different from the regular static cupping technique where it involves placing the suction cups over the skin to create a vacuum and leaving it on the spot for a few to achieve beneficial effects. In dynamic cupping, the cups are moved along the area of the muscle that needs to be massaged and treated, specifically to improve soft tissue flexibility.


The Benefits of Dynamic Cupping

Similar to static cupping, dynamic cupping helps in reducing pain, relieving stress, promoting relaxation, and increasing function, but most especially increasing flexibility because it involves massaging and moving the body part (or the cup) while it's being treated, softening the myofascial and muscular structures. It also enhances blood circulation, reduces inflammation, and reduces muscle tension.

As this type of technique gets deeper than the ordinary static cupping, it’s great for those who experience deep muscle tension from myofascial adhesions or dense muscle knots.


A dynamic cup will soon out in the market to give you the traditional cupping and massage therapy through vibration technology both at the same time. This dynamic cup integrates these two techniques, and a few more, to provide you a deeper and more effective massage and cupping with less effort but with extremely great results!!!

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