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October 14, 2020 2 min read

YOGA — A form of physical exercise that nourishes the soul, brings about mental awareness, and lowers stress levels

Yoga is an embodiment of a life philosophy drawn from traditions of Indian origin that date back a thousand years ago. Although viewed as a form of physical exercise, yoga entails many benefits not just to the physical body, but also to the soul and the mind – thus the term “yoga” which means “to unite,” bringing together the physical, soul, mind, and spiritual wellbeing. Yoga’s dual effect on the physical and spiritual body enhances the mental process and overall mental health, alleviating mental health issues, including emotional stress.

Yoga has been found to have a profound psychological and physiological impact on women, especially to those who perform it for at least once a week, reducing stress levels, while keeping them off from chronic ailments such as back pain. This can be very beneficial during the late stages of pregnancy when pre-labor stresses sink in. Yoga causes positive effects on flexibility and is often included in the rehabilitation of back pains in women.

In men, spiritual reconnection, as well as improved physical performance has been demonstrated. Men recognized the strong synergy between body and soul that comes with the regular practice of Yoga. To most people, the mind and body are often disconnected as people focus more on bodily exercise and leave out the soul on the side. Yoga brings these two entities together to achieve harmony of body and mind fitness.

A Yoga Sadhaka, a practitioner of Yoga, becomes aware of his or her emotional and physical being in a way that one can easily recover from traumatic life experiences such as post-traumatic stress disorders (PSTD) and anxiety. A particular type of Yoga known as Hatha can be an adjunct to stress management of people who dealt with traumatic experiences. In a study, a woman recognized that Yoga taught her to be patient and focus less on what had gone wrong in her life. She described herself as an ongoing project. For others, an increase in compassion over their bodies and improved self-care was described. Yoga helped people establish stronger relationships with themselves and other people by fostering synergy between mind and body.

The following are some yoga effects:

  • Decreases stress
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Alleviates symptoms of depression
  • promotes heart health
  • Improves quality of life

Yoga is a form of physical exercise that nourishes the soul, brings about mental awareness, and lowers stress levels. The prevalence of back pains among women is greatly reduced with regular yoga practice. Yoga helps women as well as men achieve synergy between the body and the mind.

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